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Saturday, 7 December 2013

TAG 16 questions about makeup

Since the video is in portuguese i wrote the questions and my answers here in English. Hope that you enjoy it!
1- You have 2 minutes to go out and you're not with your makeup on. What's the only product that you put on your face?

Probably i wouldn't choose anything. I'd leave only with my moisturizer because i prefer that instead of leaving feeling that my makeup is 'incomplete' 

2-Do you really now what's your skin type?

Yes i have a normal skin, but a little bit sensitive in some areas. 

3- Do you usually go to the dermatologist? Do you do cleansing treatments?

I went to the dermatologist twice. The first time was because of an allergy on my back that no one knew what it was on the pharmacy and he found out only in 5 minutes. And then i went because i was struggling with a little bit of acne. But since my skin is not oily it didn't react well to the treatment so i stopped. And as for cleansing treatments i do it sometimes. The last time that i did it was with ultrasounds and i recommend it. It's faster and it works :)

4- What's your favorite moisturizer? Why?

I don't have a favorite one. I'm always changing my moisturizer. But i prefer the ones with gel texture.

5- Had you already suffered from acne, or do you suffer?

yes, but nothing too bad. It bothered me for a while but fortunately it didn't left any marks on my face. But sometimes i still have some pimples. But i was recommended not to use any of acne treatments because my face got very very dry and red and it burned a lot. 

6- Any makeup product has ever made you acne or allergy?

No, but the cleansing wipes are too aggressive for my face and some moisturizers don't work that well on my face.  

7- Do you prefer foundation or concealer?

I like both, but for me i prefer foundation. 

8- Blush or Bronzer?


9- What's your favorite lipstick brand? Why?

I really don't know because i'm too unfaithful with lipsticks. I like many of them from different brands. But right now one of my favorites is a Make up Forever that is nude with a orange undertone and also a MUA lipstick because their pigmentation is amazing and they are also very creamy. 

10- Long or voluminous lashes?

Voluminous. I think that most of the times volume gives that wow effect to the eyes.

11- Two favorite makeup brands and two hair brands

Make up Forever is my all time favorite. I made my course there so i got the chance to try all of its range of products ant it's amazing. And i like many many others so it's a little bit difficult to choose one, but i'm gonna say revlon because i love their foundations. They are perfect and last very long. For hair i like nioxin and herbal essences.

12- Do you prefer to buy in physical stores or online?

On stores because i like to see the real color and texture of the product, but i do many online shopping specially because there are many brands and products that are not available here.

13- Have you ever used or do you use any homemade recipes for hair or face?

Yes sometimes i do homemade recipes for my face.

14- Do you usually sleep with your makeup on?

No. I wear contact lenses so when i took them off i instantly remove all of my makeup to avoid being too lazy to do it later.

15- What do you recommend for someone who wants to star wearing makeup?

It really depends on what the person likes and when it's going to be used. But i think that some of the primary things are foundation or concealer (depending on what your skin requires) a mascara and a eyeliner on the color you feel most comfortable wearing. And two lipsticks. One for a daily basis and another one with a more vibrant color (if you like it of course). 

16- What's the product that you really want to buy and don't do it because it's too expensive?

If it's what i want there are too many! But i try to see what i really need and what are the products that are really worth the price.

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    P.s.- estás gira como sempre nas fotografias ;)

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