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Friday, 18 May 2018

Soul Blooming

Face/ Rosto
Primer: Hangover - Too Faced
Foundation/ Base: Nutri Lift Gold - L'Óreal
Concealer/ Corrector: Born the way - Too Faced
Powder/ Pó: Shiseido Loose Powder
HD Banana - Nyx Professional Makeup
Bronzer: Toffee Nyx Professional Makeup
Blossom Blush - Nabla (Habana)
Highlighter:  Mary-Lou Manizer - The Balm

Eyes/ Olhos
Soul Blooming - Nabla
Browpot - Nabla (Uranus)
Mascara: Worth the Hype - Nyx Professional Makeup

Lips/ Lábios
Diva Crime Lipstick - Nabla (Closer)

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